PE HUB First Read

A hedge fund started in a college dorm room is accused of fraud by the SEC.

EOS maker Block.One must pay $24 million in penalties to the SEC for conducting an unregistered securities sale.

WeWork announces it will withdraw its S-1 filing.

Reddit revised what constitutes bullying and harassment.

Verizon is buying virtual reality video start-up Jaunt XR.

Pierre-Olivier Bouée, Credit Suisse Group’s COO, resigned after internal probe found he ordered the surveillance of the bank’s former wealth-management without discussing with CEO or other senior bank officials.

Iran sentenced a man to death for spying for the CIA.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married again.

A pair of shopping-mall giants are weighing whether to invest in bankrupt teen retailer Forever 21.

“Stranger Things” clinched a season 4 on Netflix.