PE Hub First Read

First Read begins the week with news that Harvey Weinstein believes he's not being recognized for his work with women, US and China agree to a limited deal to halt the trade war and Palantir wins Pentagon contract

U.S. and China agreed to a limited deal to halt the trade war between the two nations.

A great market shift is coming in 2020, says top investor.

Qatar’s $380 bln sovereign fund seeks to catch up on technology.

Germany’s Delivery Hero agreed to buy South Korea’s top food delivery app owner Woowa Brothers for $4 billion.

The Newseum, a museum about journalism, is closing after 12 years.

Harvey Weinstein believes he should be credited with doing more for women in the industry.

Palantir wins Pentagon $111 mln deal to connect US Army’s operations system into single dashboard.

Oscar-nominated actor Danny Aiello, known for “Moonstruck” and “Do the Right Thing,” dies at 86.