PE HUB First Read

Starboard Value runs slate of directors to replace entire Yahoo board, a move that makes a sale more likely.

Marissa Mayer’s golden parachute is getting thinner.

Republicans can’t get out of their own way: The Trump/Cruz wife battle raises fears of losing women.

Blackstone mutual fund that invests in hedge funds loses half of its assets.

Playboy Enterprises Inc. hired Moelis & Co. to explore a sale that could fetch up to $500 million.

In corporate PR gone bad: Microsoft’s AI teen chatbot turns into Hitler-loving racist within hours.

Garry Shandling died at 66, apparently of a massive heart attack with no prior warning.

As Silicon Valley chills, Europe’s tech gets hotter.

Investigators say multiple ISIS terror plots are being planned in Europe.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Bogdan Giuşcă