PE HUB First Read

A hostage situation in a church in France ended with the murder of a priest and the killing of two attackers.

Dismayed over killings of and by police, Michael Jordan is donating $2 million to relevant charities.

Florida congressman Alan Grayson’s ex-wife says she was the victim of domestic violence for decades.

The DNC apologizes to Bernie Sanders over the emails that were disrespectful toward him and his presidential campaign.

U.S. Federal Reserve is preparing an action against Goldman Sachs that’s related to a leak of confidential government information to one of its employees.

Nike CEO’s pay almost triples to $47.6 million with stock award.

Fearing slow iPhone 7 sales, analysts downgrade Apple stock to “sell.”

A billionaire could lose his knighthood after putting 11,000 jobs at risk.

Photo: An Apple logo is seen at the entrance of an Apple Store in downtown Brussels, Belgium March 10, 2016.  Reuters/Yves Herman