PE HUB First Read

Apple has hired Russ Salakhutdinov, a prominent artificial intelligence researcher from Carnegie Mellon University.

Google Flights will now tell you when fares will increase.

Razer has bought THX, the legendary audio and video quality assurance company that was originally founded by George Lucas as part of Lucasfilm.

A Texas unicorn preps for a rare oil IPO.

Visa CEO Charlie Scharf is resigning December 1st.

Netflix stock surges 20 percent after the firm’s third quarter earnings beat Wall Street expectation.

Ford is shutting four plants over next few weeks, including an F-150 plant.

According to a new poll, Hillary Clinton leads in Florida, Colorado and Pennsylvania but is tied with Trump in Ohio.

Pregnancy is still costing women their jobs.


Photo: The Netflix sign on is shown on an iPad in Encinitas, California, April 19,2013. Reuters/Mike Blake