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Former President Jimmy Carter says he has cancer.

Death toll in China’s Tianjin explosion reportedly rises to 44.

With iPad sales falling, Apple is working with more than 40 companies to make the iPad a more appealing work tool.

Lenovo is laying off 3,200 staff after a disappointing last quarter.

Roche buys “superbug” diagnostics firm for up to $425 million.

Tinder founder Sean Rad returns as CEO, replacing Chris Payne.

iRobot’s robotic lawn mower gets U.S. regulatory approval.

Sweden set to drop sexual assault inquiry of Julian Assange as charges expire.

The Dutch “basic income” experiment is expanding across multiple cities.

Bumble Bee is ordered to pay $6 million for the 2012 death of a worker who was trapped in an oven.

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ICL’s Clearon pool chemical unit gets looks from private equity.

New Mountain chief compliance officer leaves.

Young entrepreneurs flock to hip Austin.

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