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PE HUB First Read

Square is applying for a bank charter in Utah.

John Deere has bought Blue River Technology for $305 million.

Best Inc, the Chinese logistics firm backed by Alibaba, is launching a $930 million U.S. IPO.

IBM is investing $240 million over 10 years for a joint AI research effort with MIT.

Facebook uncovers $100,000 in fake ad spending tied to Russian operatives during 2016 election.

Death toll from Hurricane Irma rises to 10 in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Irma could leave areas of Puerto Rico without power for up to six months.

Cryptocurrencies have already recovered from last weekend’s crash.

Strokes are making a comeback as an American killer.

August U.S. preliminary truck orders are up 50 percent over last year.



Photo of police patrolling the area as Hurricane Irma slams across islands in the northern Caribbean on Wednesday, in San Juan, Puerto Rico September 6, 2017.  REUTERS/Alvin Baez