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Dow plunges 358 points, its worst single day in 18 months.

China stocks crash 11 percent in a week.

U.S. existing home sales reach pre-recession pace.

Uber nears $2 billion in revenue, expects IPO in 18-24 months, according to a leaked document.

New York City’s tech industry is 62 percent white and 60 percent male.

U.S. Postal Service to review government email use for Ashley Madison site.

New York Daily News is no longer up sale, says owner Mort Zuckerman.

Child porn cops search Gene Simmons’ home, but he’s not a suspect.

NASA wants to turn human waste into plastic and vitamins.

There is now a film festival…for drones.

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LA Fire and Police plans up to $90 mln for PE through year-end.

Southfield holds first closes, buys insurance products company for $41 mln.

Google Ventures eyes intersection of healthcare, data with Zephyr investment.

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