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PE HUB First Read

To avoid taxes, Apple moved most of its untaxed offshore cash, now $252bn, to the Channel Island of Jersey.’s tech startup has raised $117 million.

GE is weighing options for its aircraft leasing operations.

Lyft COO Rex Ribbens is stepping down after more than two years.

Thanksgiving at Target will only run until midnight.

21st Century Fox shares soar after report of sale talks with Disney.

Richard Berner, the head of a U.S. government agency created to monitor financial markets after the 2007-2009 financial crisis, will resign from the post at the end of this year.

UK-based car-buying startup Hellocar is shutting down.

Goldman Sachs predicts bitcoin can run past $7,900.

Saudi Arabia claims Lebanon has declared war.



Photo: The flag of the Twenty-First Century Fox Inc is seen waving at the company headquarters in the Manhattan borough in New York, June 11, 2015. Reuters/Eduardo Munoz/File Photo