PE HUB First Read

Tesla is facing a U.S. criminal probe over Elon Musk’s statements.

Study finds that female employees at startups own 47 cents for every dollar of equity a man owns.

Lyft has passed 1 billion trips since its founding six years ago.

Evernote has slashed 15 percent of its workforce.

NYAG’s report on cryptocurrency trading platforms finds that many are vulnerable to market manipulation.

North and South Korea have committed to an “era of no war.”

United Airlines has launched a new boarding process that aims to cut down on congestion.

Danske Bank’s CEO has quit after a money laundering probe.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma denies China’s government forced him out.

Amid sexual misconduct allegations made against former CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, his wife Julie Chen leaves the network daytime TV show “The Talk.”

Coca-Cola buys Australia’s kombucha maker Mojo.

Women in Silicon Valley own less than half the startup equity men own, a new study says.

ACLU says Facebook allows employers to post discriminatory ads.