PE HUB First Read

Leon Black says he “absolutely” has some regrets about taking Apollo Global public.

The SEC sues Kik for allegedly running an unregistered securities sale when it launched an ICO for its kin token in 2017.

Los Angeles County’s homeless population swelled by 12 percent during the past year.

Oakland, California legalizes magic mushrooms and peyote.

Nadal and Federer are set to clash in French Open semifinal.

Carnival Cruises are paying another $20 million for dumping waste into the sea.

The Trump administration approved sending nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi killing.

The Dow jumps 512 points.

Salesforce shares rise on earnings beat.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos buys Fifth Avenue condo spread for around $80 million.

New York is poised to become first state to ban cat declawing.

Netflix is set to release animated “Jurassic World” series in 2020.