PE HUB Healthcare Wire Highlights, 10.17.19

Healthcare investors tackle staff scheduling challenges, workforce violence

It’s Thursday, healthcare enthusiasts.

I’m back from the Midwest and managed to pick up a nasty bug in my travels. More brodo, please. Brodo, if you aren’t familiar, is the $4 to $9 cup of bone broth you can grab to go at Whole Foods and local eateries. One of many health trends that I’m obsessed with. Are you convinced?

New on the blockBlue Sea Capital just kicked of its auction for DDS Lab.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of what seems to be a straightforward auction is how the offshorer of dental products is ultimately valued: This investment is as much about lenders’ and investors’ views on global tariffs and Chinese sourcing concerns, one source told me.

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Pencil me in

My roommate works for a private practice in the behavioral health field in Brooklyn, where in addition to seeing patients, she recently took on additional scheduling duties for the entire group. I’ve heard all about how time-consuming this process can be.

As many of you know, there’s a whole host of tech companies out there trying to address scheduling and broader workforce management needs of healthcare providers.

Take API HealthcareClearlake-backed Sympler scooped up API from Veritas earlier this year, paying close to $300 million for the workforce-management-software company, sources told me. Veritas, btw, purchased API as part of its $1.05 billion carveout of healthcare IT assets from General Electric.