PE HUB Second Opinion

New evidence suggests there may be a ninth planet in the solar system (not you Pluto).

Wal-Mart to increase wages for most U.S. store workers

China is poised to overtake U.S. and Japan in iOS revenue within the next year.

Barclays to cut investment banking jobs in New York and London

Twitter’s stock surged, then slipped on News Corp takeover speculation.

“Star Wars: Episode VIII” is moved to December 2017 opening.

Magic Johnson and Andreessen Horowitz lead $3.25 million round for diverse recruitment platform Jopwell.

Russia’s currency collapses to lowest level ever.

Chipotle boosts paid-sick leave in name of safety.

Americans are living with hundreds of unseen insects in their homes, according to new research.

Photo of planets in solar system courtesy of Shutterstock