PE HUB Second Opinion

Trump picks fast food executive Andrew Puzder, a critic of minimum wage increases, as Labor Secretary.

Microsoft completes the $26.2 billion LinkedIn acquisition.

Former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn dies at the age of 95.

Walmart’s Mexico unit will add 10,000 jobs

Barely half of today’s 30-year-olds earn more than their parents, according to new data.

NBC is shuttering Breaking News, the Twitter-fueled newswire it acquired in 2011.

Massive annual defense policy bill passes U.S. Congress.

Warren Buffett’s son steps down from Coca-Cola’s board of directors.

A “Jeopardy!” contestant dies a week before her episode airs.

Photo: Then Ohio Senator John Glenn gives the thumbs up sign from the cockpit of his T-38 jet aircraft as he arrives at the Kennedy Space Center, October 26, 1999. Reuters/Stringer