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PE HUB Second Opinion

Despite President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, some CEOs of major U.S. companies that include Wal-Mart and IBM are staying put on a White House panel.

Unemployment rate falls to 16-year low; however, hiring has slowed down.

Delta Airlines is poised to regain power over airfares after two-year slump.

Launch Academy’s startup visa program gives entrepreneurs permanent residency in Canada.

Gymboree misses its June 1 debt payment; bankruptcy is seen as imminent.

A new study finds that Airbnb hosts are more likely to reject disabled guess.

Four hundred coal mining jobs were created in May.

Almost half of Americans die broke.

Photo: Donald Trump hugs a U.S. flag as he takes the stage for a campaign town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire August 19, 2015. Reuters/Brian Snyder