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PE HUB Second Opinion

SEC probes departure of PepsiCo’s former top lawyer.

A study finds that 215 million Americans watched the recent solar eclipse.

New York regulators issue a subpoena to Equifax over the massive data breach.

Delta flights will be offering free in-flight texting.

From the no kidding department: Tech workers generally make more in Silicon Valley, even when adjusted for cost of living.

Austria becomes the latest European country to ban burqas — but adds clown face paint, too

The top 1 percent of Americans now control 38 percent of the wealth.

Triumph of the munchies: Legalized cannabis may be a boon for McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

A businesswoman at her desk in complete happiness as her business and investments are making bags of money. She is holding U.S. currency. Photo courtesy ©iStock/Andrew Rich