PE HUB Second Opinion

Private equity firm Advent has hired Morgan Stanley to sell its 45 percent stake in Spanish explosives manufacturer Maxam.

Apple and GE have formed a partnership focused on developing apps and development tools.

States ask court to force Trump to pay Obamacare insurers key subsidies.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says it’s “very hard not to give tax cuts to the wealthy.”

Baidu plans to put a driverless bus on Chinese roads next year and cars by 2021.

Aided by Facebook, Italian schools will teach students how to recognize fake news.

Ecstasy goes from club drug to treating PTSD.

Believe it or not, online shoppers prefer local brick and mortar grocery stores, says new poll.

More than 40 women have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment or assault.

Handshake over puzzle pieces. Photo courtesy of johnnyscriv/E+/Getty Images