PE HUB Second Opinion

Tim Wolfe, University of Missouri president, resigns after race protests.

Jordanian officer shoots dead two Americans and one South African at security training site.

Anti-doping commission finds Russia engaged in state-sponsored doping and should be banned from further sports competitions after sabotaging the 2012 London Olympics.

TAG Heuer is the first luxury watchmaker to launch a smartwatch.

Google expands its VR program for students to more U.S. schools.

Match, owner of Tinder, seeks $3.36 billion valuation in IPO.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects cellphone search warrant case.

$1 million bail set for Louisiana marshals who killed 6-year-old boy.

Grounded: Lufthansa cancels 1,000 flights as staff walks out.

SeaWorld to end killer-whale shows in San Diego.

Photo of doping implements courtesy of Shutterstock.