PE HUB Wire Highlights, 10.11.19

LPs should take notice of recent study showing smaller is better, Bookend gets boost from Wisconsin

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New shop: Readers of the Wire will know that one thing I love writing about is new firm formation, especially those formed by mid-level execs from larger shops. Bookend Capital is one such shop I hadn’t really heard of before. Ex-TSG Consumer Partners executive Alexander Panos formed Bookend in 2015 to invest in food, beverage, beauty and apparel companies.

Bookend got a big boost from Wisconsin Investment Board, which committed $50 million in the second quarter, according to Justin Mitchell. The firm had raised at least $86.8 million as of July, according to a Fund D fundraising document. Check out the story here.

Another new shop I’ve been hearing about is Crest Rock Capital out of Denver. Crest Rock is targeting somewhere around $400 million for its debut fund. It was launched by former Marlin Equity exec Steve Johnson, who worked at Marlin from 2009 to 2018. Check out the story here.

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Smaller is better: Raising a first-time fund is a hard bet, even in a strong fundraising year like 2019.