PE HUB Wire Highlights, 8.7.19

Vista Equity clinches $500 mln AltaReturn buy; Ex-Gamut execs launch firm to invest in industrials; Carlyle sells MBS Group for $650 mln

We’ve been talking about some weighty issues this week. So, I’d like to take a moment to talk about something that’s not so serious but still of importance.

I tried the Impossible Burger yesterday. Many of you may be rolling your eyes but for those of us trying to be more ethical in what we consume — Yes, Hubsters, I know I’m a hypocrite — this is important. The Impossible Burger wasn’t life changing or even that great. But what I did realize? It tasted like a burger. I wouldn’t have known the patty was made from plant-based protein if someone hadn’t told me. That’s my tip. Also, without the mayonnaise and bun, the Impossible Burger comes to about 200 calories. You’re welcome.

London Business School has a report out on how digital transformation can help private equity create value. Digital transformation involves using new technologies, like big data analytics, AI, blockchain, machine learning and the internet of things, to leverage data from portfolio companies and PE firms. Digitizing portfolio companies could lead to faster product development and more innovation, the article said. It can also help speed production and optimize workflows, London Business School said. See the report

However, digitalization does have drawbacks. The data is only beneficial if it is acquired, organized, shared and analyzed in real time, the report said. Hubsters, do you agree with this report? What’s your experience with digital transformation? Email me your thoughts at

DealsPermira has agreed to buy Cambrex Corp, a contract manufacturer, for $60 a share or about $2.4 billion. See our brief here.

Hackman Capital Partners has acquired The MBS Group from Carlyle Group for $650 million.

Lovell Minnick Partners is selling Worldwide Facilities LLC after four years to Genstar Capital. Financial terms weren’t announced. Worldwide, of Los Angeles, is a national wholesale insurance brokerage. Lovell invested in WorldWide in July 2015, PitchBook said.

Flips between private equity firms are common. Lovell has sold companies to Genstar before. In fact, Genstar acquired Mercer Advisors from Lovell in 2015. Genstar is currently selling Mercer, Buyouts reported.