PE HUB Wire Highlights, 9.24.19

Private equity shines for wealthiest families, Waud eyes $150 mln to build HR tech company


This is Chris, on the Wire this morning for Luisa, who is in California for our PartnerConnect West conference. How’s your week looking?

Wealth: Private equity was the most productive asset class in the wealthiest families’ investment portfolios, standing out in an environment of diminishing returns, according to fresh research from UBS, in partnership with Campden Wealth Research.

The average portfolio returned 5.4 percent between the first two quarters of 2018 and the first two quarters of 2019, the study found. By contrast, private equity returned an average of 16 percent for direct investments and 11 percent for fund investing, the report said. Check out Justin Mitchell’s story here.

Around 46 percent of 360 families surveyed said they intended to invest more in direct investments, and 42 percent expected to increase fund investing, the study said.

“Real estate and direct private equity actually exceeded the high expectations that were set in a buoyant market at the start of last year,” said Rebecca Gooch, Campden’s director of research, in a press release.

Fintech: This year is shaping up as the moment when insurance technology gained prominence with investors, Luisa wrote for our current Buyouts cover story. Also this year, mergers sharply reduced the number of large payment processors, she wrote.