PE-owned UMS acquires US Lithotripsy

United Medical Systems, which is owned by New State Capital Partners, has acquired US Lithotripsy LP, a provider of lithotripsy services. The seller was USMD Health Systems. No financial terms were disclosed.


WESTBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–United Medical Systems (UMS) together with their parent, New State Capital Partners, announce they have acquired US Lithotripsy, LP and its affiliates from USMD Health Systems of Irving, Texas.

US Lithotripsy adds more than 100 hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and other sites of service in the southwestern United States to UMS’ mobile lithotripsy customer base. The majority of these facilities are based in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. US Lithotripsy performs over 12,000 ESWL procedures annually.

“By adding US Lithotripsy, UMS is geographically broadening our mobile urological service,” said Jorgen Madsen, President and Chief Executive Officer, UMS. “We view this opportunity to expand our lithotripsy business as an important part of our commitment to continually offer our customers increased access to superior technology. The acquisition of the US Lithotripsy division brings our mission to achieve a nationwide footprint for our transportable medical services a lot closer to completion. We are excited to welcome US Lithotripsy to our family.”

UMS’ unique platform offers clients the appearance of a full-time, in-house program, without incurring the cost and burden associated with a fixed program. The turnkey solutions provided by UMS offer equipment delivery, setup, support and operation by its experienced medical imaging technologists, on a fee-for-service basis. UMS transports equipment into and out of procedure suites on a daily basis and has performed more than 650,000 procedures in more than 850 medical facilities.

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UMS provides affordable, advanced mobile medical services. Their unique transportable platform offers the appearance of a full-time, in-house program, without incurring the cost and burden associated with a fixed program. United Medical Systems pioneered the concept of shared mobile medical services – Lithotripsy (including BPH and ureteral stone laser treatment) and Stereotactic Breast Biopsy – and has become an international leader by partnering with medical facilities ranging from hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices to medical equipment manufacturers. UMS is an internationally recognized company servicing over 850 facilities across the United States, as well as operating in Canada and South America – Chile and Peru.

About USMD Holdings, Inc.
USMD is a publicly held (NASDAQ: USMD), physician-led, integrated health system committed to exemplary patient care. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, USMD serves the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area with more than 250 physicians and associate practitioners, and provides healthcare services to patients in just under 20 different specialties at its two hospitals, four cancer treatment centers and more than 50 physician clinics, many of which are multi-specialty. All 29 of USMD’s primary care clinics have been accredited by the Patient-Centered Medical Home Program, a recognition program that is part of the National Committee for Quality Assurance. This recognition means that USMD’s primary care clinics successfully display and utilize evidence-based, patient-centered processes that focus on highly coordinated patient care and long-term patient relationships. For more information about USMD, visit

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New State Capital Partners, LLC is an entrepreneurial-minded private equity firm that is more nimble, more decisive and more cooperative than larger, institutional firms. New State prides itself on a long-term outlook, approaching each potential investment as an opportunity to create lasting and valuable relationships, rather than as an exercise in meeting rigid investing criteria. The firm is very flexible about the structure of its investment and focuses on growth and add-on investment. New State invests in market-leading companies with $8 million to $30 million of EBITDA in the areas of business services, healthcare services and industrials, and has in excess of $250 million in assets under management. For more information visit the firm’s website.