PE Pros Pin Hopes on Obama

Does Barack Obama want to tax carried interest like ordinary income? Yes. Do private equity pros seem to care? No.

The Illinois senator received more Q1 donations from private equity than did John McCain and Hillary Clinton combined, according to a peHUB analysis of Federal Election Commission records. Specifically, he received Q1 donations from 93 PE pros, whereas McCain got 60 and Clinton got 25. There also were less than a dozen for the also-ran cadre of Romney, Giuliani and Dodd — but I think we’re past the point of caring enough to count them.

Obama’s lead was not as large in total dollars, however, as many of his donations were relatively small (kind of like his broader campaign). He raised $106,927 from private equity in Q1, which just edged out McCain’s $100,721. Clinton lagged far behind with $37,549.

To date, Obama has raised around $360,000 from private equity pros. Clinton has close to $215,000, while McCain is third at around $180,000.

The peHUB analysis only included contributions from professionals at buyout firms with at least $500 million under management.

You can view all of the individual Q1 donations here: Q108_Individual.xls

You can view the total fundraising to date here: PresidentialTotals.xls