PE Pro Building Boston’s Largest Home

Fathers, let your sons grow up to be fund-of-funds managers. Then they too can build ostentatious mansions within Boston’s city limits.

The Boston Globe reports that Ofer Nemirovsky, a managing director with HarbourVest Partners, is spending $23 million to build a Back Bay manse with 24,000 square feet of living space. Included will be 15 bathrooms, a gymnasium, elevator and office for the “house manager.”

It will be the largest single-family residence within Boston’s city limits, and the competition isn’t even close. Nemirovsky is a noted philanthropist in Boston, but come on: Isn’t this just an embarrassing exercise in extravagance? Let me repeat: 15 bathrooms!

All such homes need a name (kind of like a boat), so feel free to leave your suggestions…

Nemirovsky declined to discuss his project with the Globe, citing his family’s privacy. He focuses on HarbourVest’s investor relations effort, and also has been involved in a series of direct investments.