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“Private Equiteers”

Fortune yesterday published its 2007 private equity outlook, and I’m already crowning it Most Influential Private Equity Article of the Year. No, not because of its actual analysis – which mostly comes courtesy of Carlyle’s David Rubenstein and Quadrangle’s Steve Rattner – but rather because it has introduced a clever new term to the financial lexicon: Private Equiteer.

Need me to use it in a sentence? Ok: “My name is Henry Kravis, and I’m a private equiteer.”

Scoff if you want, but trade writers like me have no succinct way to describe buyout artists (and no, “buyout artist” is a bit too… artsy). That’s why so many of my colleagues focus exclusively on venture capitalists, or VCs.

So it’s private equiteer from here on out. Pass it on…