peHUB Endorsement: Steve Pagliuca for U.S. Senate

It’s special election day here in Massachusetts, which means that we’re just hours away from learning if private equity will place one of its own in the U.S. Senate (yes, it’s just the party primaries, but did I mention this was Massachusetts?).

I won’t disclose my personal vote, but would like to tardily announce that peHUB officially endorses Steve Pagliuca. Not because he is or isn’t the most qualified candidate, but because his private equity pedigree could provide plenty of grist for future columns.

For example, how would Pagliuca vote when the latest carried interest tax bill (introduced yesterday) comes to the floor? He’s seemed disinclined to support such a thing, but perhaps he’s hedging his bets for a return to Bain Capital…

This is clearly a self-serving endorsement, following in the wake of past support for candidates like Mitt Romney, Ned Lamont and Mark Warner. But it is an endorsement nonetheless, so get out of your chair and head to the polls. My future depends on it