peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Tuesday:

* Heidi Moore reminds us of Wall Street sex scandals past, as the traders whoop it up over Eliot Spitzer.

* A federal judge has dismissed an antitrust class action suit alleging that two private equity firms had illegally conspired to acquire then-public WatchGuard Technologies: “The opinion is particularly noteworthy as it holds that allegations of coordination among bidders in the acquisition of a public company cannot be treated as per se unlawful under the antitrust laws… such joint bidding arrangements must be evaluated under the rule of reason.”

* Video of Sarah Lacy’s interview of Mark Zuckerberg is now available online. Not the disaster that so many made it out to be. Not perfect, but not a disaster.

* The National Venture Capital Association has released data on the fastest growing regions for VC funding, between 1997 and 2007. Leading the list is New Mexico, followed by Pittsburgh and Seattle. Here’s the chart: MetroRegions1.xls

* Fox Paine finally clears WJ Communications off its books. And just a few months after Fox and Paine decided to go their separate ways…

* Jeff Immelt says that NBC is not for sale.

* Cloudy outlook for the Cumulus buyout.