peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Tuesday:

* WSJ has a day-by-day accounting of the Bear Stearns collapse. A must-read.

* Bear Stearns Merchant Banking still has not changed its name, but that doesn’t mean that its portfolio companies aren’t worried about guilt by association. For example, Doral Financial went so far as to issue a press release about how the Bear meltdown would not affect its business.

* Fed meeting today, and Big Ben may cut the rate down to a place we haven’t seen since 1984.

* Apparently a $7.7 billion fraud isn’t enough to get you held without bail. Jérôme Kerviel goes free (at least for now).

* Scripps Florida and the Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies are within a year of opening, but don’t expect healthcare VCs to be making beelines for Florida.

* CNet plans to appeal a court ruling that would let a hedge fund and some VC firms nominate a slate of new directors.

* Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, Jim Cramer gave some not-so-sage advice last week to a worried Bear Stearns shareholder:[youtube=]