peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Wednesday:

* Guy Hands threatens to move part of Terra Firma offshore, in order to avoid UK tax changes (read: increases).

* The SEC may examine “conduct and statements” made by Bear Stearns prior to its announced acquisition by JPMorgan. Good.

* Big-box retailer Best Buy is launching some sort of corporate venture fund.

* Why is Bear’s stock price going up?

* Mike Arrington on VC investment in blogging, and on the business of blogging in general. He’s dead-on in so many ways, even from the perspective of this corporate-backed blogger. (Update: Well, at least in terms of his thesis, but it seems some of his facts are lacking).

* While JPMorgan wasn’t busy playing Wall Street white knight, it was advising Barry Diller on how to exploit an SEC insider trading loophole.