peHUB First Read

In Today’s peHUB Wire, I’m going to try to solicit contestants for the first-ever peHUB Eating Challenge. Summer Fridays, man, gotta make ’em worth it…

Be Square, or be square: Why to go cashless

The Flow Will Break You Down: Meg Whitman’s daunting task

The Flow Will Break You Down, Pt. II: Fu-Schnickens and the peHUB Friday Morning Beat Factory (you’re welcome)

Accel making deals to get into your Mind

Are mortgage rates still too low?

PE pro allegedly ripped off bank before death, suit says

And that would be…. Lenders look for remedy to foreclosure crisis

Progress, but at what cost? At least the airlines are getting something right…

One photo from the games was a true Olympic feat

Musical Chairs? Look at Barclays new chair

Image Credit: Jonathan Marino