peHUB First Read

Ray, man, calm DOWN. Bridgewater goes for the gusto

BREAKING! Intelligent Legislating! Uber gets the OK in Beantown

Looks Like A-Rod is taking his chips off the poker table and betting them elsewhere

Blackstone feelin’ energized

…And, selling bonds, too!

NYT hasn’t finished with you yet, PE!

So why won’t Mitt talk about his business practices?

Is Hi-Crush going to crush it on the public markets?

So is WIRED gonna hire Jonah Lehrer?

Paul Ryan: A candidate in need of some fashion police? (maybe they’ll treat him like the Palins and offer up a trip to Neiman Marcus!)

Speaking of Which: PE is reading Neiman Marcus for an IPO!

Only the Beginning? Standard Chartered is finding itself up a legal creek

So what’s Groupon’s problem?

Tamas Hevizi talks shop about PE in Canada

Image Credit: Jonathan Marino