peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Thursday:

* Bloomberg’s Mark Gilbert writes that Chuck Norris’ tears could solve the credit crunch. So if you see Chuck walking down the street…

* Andrew Ross Sorkin on PE firms investing in the Middle East. Pretty old story, but with a disturbing nugget: The Carlyle Group’s new MENA fund will not invest in Israel. Sorkin’s sources suggest that such investments could make it harder for Carlyle to raise capital from other Middle Eastern countries. Yeah, I spit out my morning coffee also.

* John Doerr says that government must do a better job fostering the cleantech industry. Earth2Tech has more.

* The Yale Endowment tops $22 billion.

* 3i warns that the credit crunch could reduce its overall number of second-half deals. And this is news because…?

* Canadian hedge fund managers charged with fraud. Shocking. Just shocking.