peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Monday:

* Tom Perkins’ yacht can be yours, for just €115 million. He reportedly spent around $150 million building it just two years ago.

* DealBook games out the Clear Channel lawsuits. Let me add another reason why the banks might have trouble: I’m told that there is an email discussing how the lenders planned to squeeze the sponsors, which was mistakenly copied to someone at Bain Capital.

* Ziff Davis has a plan to emerge from Chapter 11, but it will wipe out its private equity owners.

* Zipcar, the VC-backed car sharing service, may have finally awakened the sleeping car rental giants.

* Lehman Brothers claims it was swindled out of $350 million by two employees of a Japanese trading house.

* Each of the major presidential candidates gives a speech on the faltering economy. Plenty of blame — and even a few new ideas — to go around.

* Get ready for a rash of books on the housing bubble/subprime mess.

* Yet another old media pub kneels at the HuffingtonPost alter. Not mentioned in the story are the dozens of rival blog allegations that HuffPo favors Obama, which is amusing given that one of its largest investors is Hillary fundraising tornado Alan Patricof.