peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Tuesday:

* The past month has seen three commercial airlines — Aloha, ATA and Skybus — go under. So who’s next? 

* A new book is out this week on Georges Doriot, who could reasonably be called the father of modern venture capital. Here’s the Amazon page, and here’s some additional information from Scott Kirsner. Pay particular attention to the end of Scott’s piece, which notes how Doriot’s firm — American Research & Development — is apparently still making investments (which came as news to me).

* UK buyout shop Permira continues its push into the U.S. Last week it hired JPMorgan financial sponsors chief John Coyle to help lead its New York office. Yesterday it revealed plans to open up shop in San Francisco.

* PE job interviews in 3,000 words.

* Kedrosky on the Myth of the Angel Investor.

* Are John McCain’s comments on Bear Stearns a case of blaming the victim?

* TPG closes the largest-ever private equity deal in Russia.

* Might W.R. Grace finally be settling those asbestos-related claims that have kept the company in bankruptcy for seven years? The Deal thinks so

* Virginia has become the first state to mandate Internet safety classes for all grade levels. No-brainer that will surely be replicated accross the country.

* Microhoo:[youtube=]