peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Friday:

*** Andrew Rickards is out as head of Asia for Providence Equity Partners, after just 15 months on the job.

*** VC-backed Blue Frog continues to slowly croak.

*** BCE investors are betting that the deal will go through, in part due to “nationalistic pride.” O Canada…

*** Seems Dow Jones’ Sasha Dai actually attended some panels while in Orlando (other than ours, of course). Here’s her report on China M&A trends.

*** Valleywag says that Google asked Doubleclick workers to sign a noncompete, and then fired them a week later. Well, at least those folks will have some extra time on their hands to ponder “do no evil.”

*** Google taps Frank Quattrone’s new firm to advise it on the Yahoo situation.

*** Frontier Airlines is the latest carrier to go bust.

*** The California sovereign wealth bill is dead for now. It had been sponsored — and arguably written — by SEIU, and here is its reaction: SEIU_Statement.doc

*** Some academia for you: The geography on block acquisitions: block_acquisitions.pdf