peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Wednesday:

* Want to be a successful trader? Just be sure to have lots of testosterone… but not too much.

* Twitter saves American grad student from Egyptian prison. If Twitter ever starts an ad campaign, I think it’s found its Jared. 

* Linens ‘n Things is the signature PE-backed retail bankruptcy. Well, it would be if it would just go bankrupt already.

* Speaking of PE-backed bankruptcies, here’s an update on Ziff Davis.

* Liveblogging WaMu’s conference call.

* Two private equity firms — rumored to be Carlyle and MBK Partners — are in talks to buy Taiwanese lender Sunny Bank.

* Herb Greenberg is launching an equity research shop, and leaving journalism behind.

* New KPMG survey says VCs are glum, but not too glum, about the economy.

* Affinity Equity Partners has a short list for its sale of South Korean cosmetics company TheFaceShop.

* AngryRenter makes his case against the government’s subprime bailout plan:[youtube=]