peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Friday:

* Buyout bosses react badly to proposed UK regs that would require them to fund portfolio companies pension plans. Let’s all exclaim a collective: “D’uh.”

* Scott Kirsner has more on the Flybridge/IDG split. Seems strange Pat McGovern is complaining about the firm doing deals that aren’t pure IT, as Michael Greeley has been talking med-tech since I first met him five years ago. On the other hand, it’s interesting that Flybridge is planning to leave its One Exeter digs. That didn’t seem to be on the table last month…

* Citi is reporting a $5.1 billion loss for Q1.

* Tone Grant helped screw a lot of people as president of Refco. Now he’s probably going to jail.

* The South Korean M&A pipeline is heavy with deals and lingering issues.

* Secret merger talks between VC-backed Technorati and b5Media collapse.

* A TV network beginss streaming one of its shows through its website. It becomes very popular. The network’s boneheaded response? Stop streaming the show.