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Entrepreneur launches business smuggling buckets of KFC into Gaza.

We have officially entered Cupcake Deflation, people.

Was it Steve Cohen who bought “Bea Arthur Topless” at Christie’s for $1.9 million?

Dell’s profit slides 79%.

Yahoo! is in talks to buy Tumblr in a deal that could hit $1 bln.

Here’s the leaked video where Microsoft pokes fun at Google. Oh, and Google reveals how to hack Google Glass.

Take that, Carlos Slim. Bill Gates is the world’s richest person right now.

Health care costs are slowing. Does Obama deserve any credit?

How an ex-Googler built Facebook for Glass.

Intel’s new CEO says the chipmaker will be more responsive to customer.

Did Star Trek give rise to NASA’s space shuttle? Heck yeah.

Biz Stone’s new startup, Jelly, has raised Series A funding from investors including Spark Capital.

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