peHUB First Read

Twitter signs its second big ad deal but this time with WPP.

Prez Obama, a big fan of Homeland, kissed Claire Daines on the cheek.

Whoo hoo. Apple is starting an iPhone trade-in program this month to get users to upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Whoa. Samsung Electronics lost $12 bln in market value on smartphone worries.

Why Google killed its RSS reader in March.

The never ending sale of Hulu now has AT&T joining with Chernin Group to buy Hulu.

This is a surprise? The U.S. government is listening to everything we do.

YouTube Founders have launched a new app that looks like the Chinese version of Vine.

Justin Bieber bought a $250,000 ticket to travel to space. Go now, Justin!

Here are pics of Sean Parker’s tasteful and subtle wedding.

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