peHUB First Read

Microsoft cuts the price of the Surface Pro by $100.

And yet another story on A-Rod’s expected suspension.

Two media deals: Boston Red Sox owner John Henry to buy the Boston Globe. Plus Newsweek finds a buyer in IBT Media.

Facebook hires Gary Briggs from Google to be its first CMO.

Chris Messina, known as the “hashtage inventor,” leaves Google to join startup NeonMob.

GM plans to turn the car into a smartphone on wheels.

Tycoon Henry Nguyen’s 10-year crusade to bring Big Macs and Happy Meals to communist Viet Nam.

A 4-year old is re-elected as mayor of tiny tourist town in Northern Minnesota.

Marex Spectron is reportedly in talks to buy the metals storage unit owned by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Leadership is more than strategy. And other management lessons from Breaking Bad. 

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