peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Monday:

* KKR misses its European fund target.

* Departing CalPERS CIO Russell Read has confirmed that he plans to launch a cleantech-focused venture capital firm.

* Whatever happened to IMO, a startup mobile retailer that had raised $10 million from Highland Capital Partners? Scott Kirsner has the answers. His lede: “Successful start-ups have a 100 fathers, someone almost said. But flameouts are orphans.”

* Macquarie is seeking U.S. “debt professionals.” Them and everybody else.

* PE firms keep caterwauling over new UK pensions regulations, but pension consultant John Ralfe says to stop.

* Paul Kedrosky maps out U.S. entrepreneurs.

* More money for Twitter. I know, I know… It’ll hook me just as soon as I start using it. Pretty sure that’s a compelling reason to not start using it.

* New performance data from the NVCA and Thomson Reuters: performance.pdf