peHUB First Read

* Casting the Atlas Shrugged movie.

* Clear Channel banks lose yet another motion. They’ve got to be a little punch-drunk at this point. This latest request was for a delay to beginning to Texas trial. Here is a copy of the bank’s request for a continuance, and the plaintiffs’ successful reply.

* Another key CalPERS defection. This time it’s CEO Fred Buenrostro.

* Are strategic buyers back? Deal Journal sees a mixed verdict.

* SEIU tries to disrupt another David Rubenstein speech, but this time can’t get in the door.

* When do falling oil prices become bad news?

* Cox buying Adify for $300 million. Big day for Adify backer US Venture Partners, whose latest fundraising drive has been met with lukewarm enthusiasm.

 * WallStrip takes Visa:[youtube=]