peHUB First Read

Soros Fund Management  pulls its money from Ackman’s Pershing Square due to performance.

Whoo hoo. T-Mobile CEO says more Apple products are coming.

The space station featured in “Elysium” is actually very possible.

Hey PE firms, Blackberry is open to going private.

Google Glass may cost $1500 now but will likely drop to $299 late.

Burglars return the loot they stole from a Sexual Assault center in San Bernadino.

Lavabit, the email provider used by Edward Snowden, shuts down.

R.I.P. Karen Black. You scared the crap out of me with “Trilogy of Terror. The one with the Doll.”

AOL isn’t denying rumors that Patch CEO Steve Kalin and “Chief Content Officer” Rachel Feddersen are out.

This 23-year-old handed out coffee and donuts near Goldman Sachs to get a job as investment banker.

Jeff Bezos is known for his demanding management style at Amazon.

J.C. Penney is searching for a new CEO Again.

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