peHUB First Read

VCs don’t slow the pace of their investing in August, silly.

Apple will be shipping a high-end and low-end iPhone in September.

Goldman Sachs has committed as much as 100 mln euros to Duke Street Capital for further LBOs.

GoDaddy has acquired Locu for $70 million, according to AllThingsD.

The digital divide still exits and some Americans don’t have broadband access at home.

The U.K. government forced The Guardian to destroy Snowden material. And, Britain defends its detention of David Miranda, who has written about U.S. and British surveillance programs based on Snowden leaks

Tivo’s new DVRs have more storage plus the ability to stream live and download video to mobile devices.

Al Jazeera America launches today without a significant advertising base.

Bo, the Obama’s dog, has a new playmate.

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