peHUB First Read

* KKR goes green

* We’re now just weeks away from Carl Icahn’s blog going live.

* Has the credit crunch spurred an increase in minority stake investments? Reuters says yes.

* Scott Kirsner reports that A123 has picked its IPO bankers.

* Kleiner Perkins today will formally announce its $500 million green growth fund, according to the firm’s bosom buddies over at the WSJ. It’s also going to announce that it’s raised another $700 million for its 13th traditional VC fund. peHUB reported on both of these funds over the past week, with more details over at the PE Week website.

* The Treasury Department drafts new CFIUS legislation.

* Cerberus ends its talks to invest in private military firm Blackwater. As I wrote yesterday, this is the right decision.