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peHUB First Read

Why Twitter is the ‘anti-Facebook‘. In case you somehow missed it, Twitter unveiled its plans for a $1 billion initial public offering.

The A-Rod circus is in town — around 150 supporters of New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez who have been gathering outside Major League Baseball offices in New York were greeted by their beleaguered star Thursday.

Mariam Carey, a 34-year-old dental hygienist from Connecticut, was shot dead by law enforcement in Washington, DC after ramming an officer near the White House with her car and leading cops on a chase through the city. The nation’s capital has already been keyed up due the government shut down and Congress’ inability to function like adults.

Some nasty weather is brewing across the country amid the government shut down.

Ride-sharing start-up Lyft is expanding into Silicon Valley.

Finally, First Read is going to have to go see  Gravity in theaters.

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