peHUB First Read

* How to get a VC job (revisited).

* Measuring the club deal discount.

* Today in Clear Channel: The New York trial was set to begin today, but has now been pushed back to next week. In Texas, the banks are asking a judge to dismiss the case. They’re arguing that the deal would have closed just fine had Bain and THL accepted arbitration. And, again they miss the central point: The sponsors shouldn’t have to renegotiate!

* What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what happens if fewer people go to Vegas in the first place? In related news, Tropicana (casino, not the juice) has filed for Chapter 11.

* Constance Loizos takes a look at the LA venture scene, for this month’s VCJ cover story (sub req).

* S&P says that the leveraged loan market is “resurgent.”

* Duncan Reilly leaves TechCrunch, to launch Inquisitr.

* MG Siegler with some ideas on what Microsoft might buy with its freed-up billions. Rafat also takes a stab at it.

* One of President Bush’s SEC commissioners is leaving.