peHUB First Read

* Citi may sell $400 billion in assets.

* Are private equity firms buying rent-controlled apartment properties in New York, and then pressuring tenants to move out? That’s the accusation in today’s New York Times. As an aside, I like the term “predatory equity” more than “vulture capitalists.”

* Josh Kopelman on how to ask for the order.

* Foot-in-Mouth Flu: Yesterday it was Steve Schwarzman. Today it’s activist shareholder Evelyn Davis.

* India chases China into Africa.

* Q&A with ClearWire CEO Ben Wolff.

* The House of Reps passes the Pro-IP act, which is intended to strengthen copyright protection.

* Be it resolved: U.S. is a third-world nation.

* Wallstrip on Google:[youtube=]