peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Tuesday. Also, light posting today as I’m flying out to Jackson Hole…

* Could Sallie Mae be ripe for a rival buyout offer? That’s the question posed by Fortune, after Chris Flowers last week promised to walk without some serious renegotiations.

* The Deal has more on the Thoma Cressey Bravo breakup.

* The highest concentration of IT professionals is in Silicon Valley, but can you guess number two? It’s not Boston, Seattle or SoCal… Nope, it’s Washington D.C.

* A hedge fund manager’s sentence for insider trading is ruled “too lenient.”

* Pascal Levensohn discusses the Jockey & Horse argument, and thinks the researchers may have asked the wrong question.

* Paul Kedrosky on WallStrip. Apparently there is a Kedrosky Haters club, but peHUB sure isn’t a member…