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peHUB First Read

Some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when dealing with angel investors.

The housing recovery may be running out of steam, due in part to new regulations coming out of Washington, D.C.

A researcher from Stanford claims his team was able to easily match up personal information with a quick online search using the kind of metadata collected by the National Security Agency that is supposedly anonymous.

The man behind the movie A Christmas Story, which has morphed into a cultural phenomenon, has been largely forgotten, after turning into a cynical curmudgeon late in life.

UPS and FedEx have been getting excoriated for not being able to keep up with the flood of demand this holiday season, leaving some customers waiting for their gifts to arrive. Seems to me they better get their game together for next year because shopping online for gifts isn’t going away any time soon.

The Carlyle Group has been building a pan-alternatives offering that would take over management of a client’s alternatives portfolio — including private equity, hedge funds, real estate and real assets.

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